Bomb Chicken Review

“Lay bombs, not eggs.”

Founded in 2004, London developer Nitrome has created a reputation for itself over the years making a bunch of far-out internet-based flash games and mobile titles. Now, the corporate has created its next huge step with the discharge of Bomb Chicken on the Nintendo Switch – associate degree action puzzle-platformed equally as flaky as its previous ideas. because the name of the title somewhat indicates, this can be a game a few bomb-powered chicken. do not be fooled into thinking the bird could be adistant colleague of the long-lasting ‘man’, either. whereas there seems to be some inspiration derived from the Bomberman series, there are several alternative influences fuelling the look.

The story behind this outing would little question have animal rights activists up in arms if it were real. fortuitously, this can be a completely fictional plot, thus it’s safe to mention fully no poultry was injured throughout the event cycle. In fact, if something, this can be truly a revenge story, wherever you’re taking management of a heroic bomb-laying free vary hero out to taking down ‘BFC’ (an obvious parody), once a freak accident with the evil sustenance corporation’s blue sauce.

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With the motive clear, progression is quite straight-forward in terms of style. You travel from one level to consequent, because theplucky hero works its manner through 3 worlds in total. The feathered protagonist is sort of distinctive with no real skills save the power to get bombs at a limitless rate. this needs you to use some thought to every challenge. Tasks like jumping across a pit of volcanic rock from one shelf to a different can demand slightly a lot of effort than usual – with the need being to stack bombs beneath the chicken so as to require the mandatory leap of religion. an analogous method is required to achieve higher ledges.

Other puzzles throughout levels have you ever kicking and bouncing bombs to destroy barricades and enemies or activate switches – very like Bomberman. there’s superimposed quality, with latched off areas requiring swipe cards and pressure sensitive triggers ready to be activated by bombs. every level expands upon these basics over time. There square measure even secret rooms full of gems. Once a moment, the bomb-laying mechanic becomes second-nature, that is proof of however well it’s been enforced.

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The twenty nine levels across the 3 square measureas in Bomb Chicken are created from conveyor belts, meat crushers, spikes, dangerous spinning cogs, blocks, launch pads, warp pipes and lots of alternative suitably themed traps. All of those combined make sure you get simply the proper dose of platforming and puzzling. Eventually, several of the amount embrace multiple pathways that has got to be navigated in a very sure order before completion. Common eventualities you may face will embracehaving to cover the fat chook in a very safe house on a belt – victimization the help of bombs, and in alternative areas, you maygot to exceed an enormous mechanical threat – love scenes from Super Meat Boy.

Despite the fast-food focus, the theme of the sport attracts concepts from ancient civilisations – with many references to temples, tribes and even fictional chicken gods. Not solely can you have got to handle BFC staff, you’ll even be taking over the nativenatives and life. It’s merely a matter of outsmarting the spear-wielding enemies UN agency can cause you issues once you are attempting to unravel a puzzle. Bombs typically create fast work of enemies – provided you attack at the proper angle. usuallyyou’ll have to stack of them or send many flying in a very sure manner otherwise you will halt any at hand threats by making a barricade. you’ll be able to additionally bounce on enemy heads (if they need them) to unravel the matter. As you progress, you may encounter a lot of sorts of enemies, all with completely different patterns.

In addition to the current square measure boss encounters – once more, these events square measure all designed with the utilization of bombs in mind. If you’re taking an excessive amount of harm, it’s game over. The challenge will increase quickly, however shouldn’t be too onerous to beat if you persist. you’ll be able to upgrade your life points still, if necessary. Overall, everylevel includes a common sense of flow thereto, and also the exactness needed feels like Mutant Mudds. The controls square measure even as responsive still, with simple controls and employment of HD rumble.

In terms of visuals and sound, Bomb Chicken captures the spirit of retro platform games absolutely. The music emphasises the foreboding nature of the environments, the bombs sound even as you’d hope and there square measure many noises right out of the chicken coup along side dripping pipes and deadly machinery. Visually speaking, this title seems like a mix of Mutant Mudds and a castle level from the Super Nintendo hit, Yoshi’s Island, with stunning pel art on show. Every setting will an excellent job of capturing the harshness of matters, and also the chicken, enemies, and hazards square measure all charmingly animated. On the large or little screen, the sport runs swimmingly and appears nice.


The game’s use of lives can be frustrating towards the finish, but is quite gentle by throwback platformer standards. It retains progress such as unlocked doors or gems collected once you’ve passed through the area in question, which eases the (frequent) pain of running out of continues and starting a level from scratch. You can also dip back into chapters from the pause screen to scoop up any gems you’ve missed, many tucked away in extra-hazardous treasure rooms screened by crumbling walls.

“Just 1 tips: Collect as more gems as you playing! ”

There’s nothing notably revolutionary regarding Bomb Chicken, it’s pleasurable preponderantly attributable to its classic approach and the way refined every facet of the sport is together with the core bomb-laying mechanic. Every level is showing intelligence designed and includes a nice sense of flow. The puzzles and enemies square measure honest however difficult and also the controls square measure precise and responsive. in contrast to sustenance, this is not an inexpensive, fast and nasty resolution that may leave you regretting your purchase – this can be a blast.

If you have actually not yet played Bomb Chicken: then begin playing it immediately. All you have to do is download the game for complimentary on your pocket gadget and take pleasure in the incredible gaming experience with our incredible tips!

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