Free 20 Gems Giveaway for Cartoon Network Match Land

Cartoon Network Match Land is a match-3 puzzle RPG game where you hire the vibrant heroes from the Cartoon Network universe to combat off mutant food! Our Cartoon Network Match Land tips and ideas will reveal you how to get the food celebration back in great shape!

With charming and easy graphics, an enjoyable and simple to obtain into match-3 system, Cartoon Network Match Land is a truly enjoyable game. Let’s get to mastering it with our Cartoon Network Match Land with some guides and ideas!

The Basic

First of all, let’s learn the basic of the game. In this game, you have to choose your best heroes for the battle. Each hero’s attributes are different; attack, recovery, skill, damage. You just have to match the same color tiles; just swipe; left, right, up, down, and diagonal. It is different from another match 3 games. There is a timer, it will start when you play your turn, you should be quick because the timer is very fast.

However, you can increase the time by matching same tiles back-to-back. After the turn, your hero will earn AP and attack the enemies. Your enemies can also attack you. You have limited health points and if you lose all, then you need to restart the level in Cartoon Network Match Land game. It is a fun game and better than others. Let’s start the CN match land game guide.

Plan your matches!

It is very important to remember that the match timer does NOT begin till you make the very first match. This suggests that you can take all the time in the world planning your next chain of matches.

Even if you see a prospective match, do not begin it right now– rather, scan the whole board for other matches you may be able to make. Rapidly match them all in succession as soon as you have actually identified all possible matches. There’s no rush till you have actually made the very first match!

Match opponent colors for double damage!

Your heroes will cause double damage if you assault with food that matches the exact same color as the food baddies!

If you’re going up versus red opponents like French fries, matching red tiles will double damage from those sources. You’ll require to master the tile benefit if you desire to clear out waves of opponents quick! And you wish to do precisely that …

Get all stars for a gem chest!

To get all 3 stars, you’ll require to beat the level under a specific quantity of turns. Some levels are truly lax with the quantity of turns you can take while others are stringent, so you might require to replay specific levels.

You’ll be rewarded with a gem chest at the end if you can handle to get every single star in a chapter. Gem chests include a large quantity of gems inside them, so they’re quite worth the difficulty.

Conserve your gems for the Titan Chest!

You can invest your difficult made gems in the store, where you can select in between 2 premium chests. The Magic Chest expenses 800 gems and it has 15 spices, 25 hero tokens, 5 figurines, and 5,000 gold. The Magic Chest likewise has a x3 possibility of dropping an uncommon figurine!

The Titan Chest costs a tremendous 3,200 gems and it includes 60 spices, 100 hero tokens, 20 figurines, and 50,000 gold. It has a x5 opportunity for unusual drops, however likewise a x3 possibility for impressive drops, making it the only method to get legendary figurines. If you desire the finest heroes, you’ll require to begin conserving now!

Update your stores!

You can invest them to update your celebration stores if you make enough spices from the levels. Updating a store increases its revenues, the quantity of Eatmos it creates, and for how long it remains open for organisation. You’ll require to invest some time into updating your stores if you desire to develop your preferred heroes in prompt style. You can see precisely what spices you require to update it if you take a look at a store’s information. You can review it to make more spices if you have the level opened where the spice drops.

Benefits for our readers!

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Action 2: Create your profile by just answering 3 questions which are a) Your favorite movie, b) Favorite place and c) Favorite actor. Choose a name, gender, and appearance of your character. The appearance includes features such as hair style, shape of face, eye color, nose shape, lip shape, skin tone, outfit, etc. or player can randomize and choose a random generated player. After creating the profile, all the stories played get linked to your profile. You can check out profiles of different players globally and start following them to check the trending stories on Cartoon Network Match Land.

Action 3: Go to the page, and begin utilizing Cartoon Network Match Land right now.

Action 4 (optional): Link to any social networking account i.e. Facebook or Google plus and you ready to go. Linking to social networking accounts allows you to examine stories produced and shared by your buddies, view just recently played stories, and a lot more.

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That’s all from us for Cartoon Network Match Land! Let us know in the comments below if you got any other pointers or techniques to share with us!