Mega Man 11 starts with a short flashback to Dr. Light and his, then nice colleague, Dr. Wily. The inventors have some disagreement with each other about what is the best way to improve the robots that exist. Dr. Wily wants to add an invention to the robots that can be used in time of need to make the robots temporarily faster and stronger than ever. But Light thinks it’s a bad plan.

The invention, the Double Gear system, also overloads the robots and therefore they become unreliable. So the addition may not be used and disappears in the refrigerator. Years later, Wily suddenly remembers this invention and decides to steal eight robots from the Light lab in a new attempt to turn the world into his own hands.

Mega Man 11 review

New forces provide depth

It’s high time that Mega Man comes into action, but in his current state the Blue Bomber is as good as a chance against the beaten-up robots. So Dr. Light Mega Man to equip with the system that Wily designed at the time. It’s a smart way for Capcom to provide the new Mega Man adventure with a brand new gameplay element. An element that possibly changes the entire gameplay with respect to the previous parts.

The Double Gear system gives Mega Man two new powers. The one force, Speed ​​Gear, slows down the time so that obstacles and enemies can be conquered more easily, while the other force, Power Gear, makes the shots of the benign robot a lot more powerful and cause more damage to enemies. If used properly, Mega Man can not be stopped, but if the forces are used for too long, Mega Man gets overheated.

And that has consequences, because once overheated you can only unload one shot at a time until you have recovered. This takes about one minute, but in that one minute, overloading can become expensive. In this way, Capcom has created a game that, despite the age of the franchise (more than 30 years now!), Looks modern and fresh and has more depth than just running and popping.

Mega Man 11 review

True to the classic formula

Apart from the Double Gear system, Mega Man 11 has not changed that much compared to the previous games. As you’re told, you’re hunting again for eight knocked-out robots that go to Dr. Wily dancing. In this adventure you compete against Torch Man, Bounce Man, Acid Man, Tundra Man, Impact Man, Blast Man, Block Man and Fuse Man. In a menu that evokes nostalgic feelings among fans, you choose a boss who wants to defeat you.

Then you have to go through a level that is set up entirely around the theme of the power of that boss. Torch Man has a wooded level where fire plays the main role and you have to literally bounce through a huge ball pit in the level of Bounce Man. The eight bosses feel balanced and give you a nice challenge, depending on the level of difficulty.

As always, there is again an optimal order in Mega Man 11 to defeat the bosses. Capcom does not reveal that, of course, but let yourself discover this yourself. Once a boss is defeated, Mega Man absorbs his powers to use a new weapon.

Mega Man 11 review

Trial and Error

But before you get to the boss in question, you have to survive his level. And that does not always go without a struggle. There are en route plenty of different enemies present, including Metall, the helmeted enemy who waits until you are close enough and then jumps up and shoots at you. In addition to the enemies that provide the necessary resistance, the levels themselves often provide the biggest challenge during this minimum five-hour platform adventure.

It is also the levels that will ensure that the adventure does not last five hours for most players, but takes much longer. Mega Man 11 has a lot of trial-and-error pieces, where you have to time and act well, make a very precise jump or simply have a lot of luck. For example, in the level of Torch Man you will be chased a couple of times by a huge fire, while you have to wring in all kinds of turns. Get in touch with the fire once and you go.

Although the controls are very responsive and you run smoothly through the levels on other pieces, you often die unnecessarily during these pieces, which often leads to a Game Over screen and thus frustration. You have to use the Double Gear system during these pieces, while that is always optional elsewhere.

Mega Man 11 review

Packed with extras

Fortunately, it is absolutely no torment to play levels more than once in Mega Man 11, because the game looks fantastic with its 2.5D cartoon-like graphics. The strong soundtrack that is always tuned to the levels complements the fun of playing, but what keeps letting you return to Mega Man 11 is the enormous mountain of extras that Capcom provides.

This brand new adventure of the Blue Bomber knows besides the adventure many more modes that are hidden under the heading extras. There are countless challenges to complete in Challenge mode, a Gallery mode where you can admire the bosses, online leaderboards to see and all kinds of missions that you can complete while playing the storyline.

Mega Man 11 review

The Blue Bomber swallows it again!

Mega Man 11 is the return of a classic franchise that nobody had seen coming. Certainly not when Capcom only came up with collections after the departure of spiritual father Keiji Inafune. But this eleventh part is thought through, innovative and very strong.

With this new adventure, Capcom knows how to create an instant classic that simultaneously introduces strong new elements. Apart from a few misses and some frustrations, you are in no time crazed to run around and jump with the Blue Bomber. Now we can only hope for a new Mega Man X game!